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Modeling environment for KernelCAD software. KernelCAD Control displays interactively 3D solid models. It adds functionality of an embedded CAD software to windows applications. The model can be manipulated programmatically at runtime with instant updates in 3D. KernelCAD can be used in many ways from replacing static images with 3D objects in product catalogues to creating technological process simulations and animations. .NET version included.

Publisher description

The DInsight product suite includes Modeling Studio, native and .NET versions of KernelCAD ActiveX control, and free downloadable Model Viewer. Although DI Modeling is a standalone 3D modeling system DInsight suite is ideal as a CAD for software developers. Central piece of the suite is KernelCAD Control. KernelCAD Control displays DIsight models in 3D solid or wire frame mode. It can be easily added to dialogs, views or forms with standard procedure for ActiveX controls using numerous Development Environments, including Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Basic. The control can also be used as a resizable view window. Included .NET version of the control works semlessly in managed environments, including MS Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic .NET. No programming required to display a model in 3D. Simple, intuitive programming allows manipulation of geometry and rendering of the model at runtime using Interface Hierarchy. Documentation provides comprehensive C++, Visual Basic and C# programming samples. If purchased separately, KernelCAD control can be used independently of Modeling Studio, either by ising dynamic obejct creation (Pro) or modifying provided templates. KernerCAD ActiveX control can enhance many software applications in numerous ways from replacing static bitmaps with interactive 3D models as a User Interface element to creating technological process simulations or elements of custom CAD systems.

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